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    At TYDL, we are on a mission.

    TYDL is on a mission to become the most sustainable sportswear company in the world, with the sole aim to help save our oceans.

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    TYDL. Future proof.

    Using the highest quality bamboo fibres, TYDL sportswear feels like Egyptian cotton, is ultra durable, lightweight and smells fresher for longer, compared to plastic derived alternatives.

    • One of the softest fabrics on the planet
    • Ultra-strong so garment will hold it's shape over time
    • Less Water. Uses 33% less water to grow than cotton & is self replenishing
    • Breathable material to keep you cool and fresh

    The story of TYDL

    Founded in 2018, TYDL (/ti-dal) was started by friends Michael & Will after a trip to Bali, Indonesia. The trip highlighted the worldwide waste problem we face, with beaches littered with plastic washed up by the tide.


    Product Features

    It starts with Bamboo

    The beauty of bamboo, is that it grows incredibly fast, does not require germination, pesticides or as much water as cotton to grow. This amazing plant forms the basis of our garments in our fight to help our oceans.01

    Ultra durable

    Remember how durable we said these tops were? We use the highest quality bamboo fibre stiching to ensure a premium feel and finish. Ultra-durable and free from any plastic-based screen printing since our logos are embroidered using bamboo fibre too.02

    As soft as Egyptian cotton

    Likened to the touch of Egyptian cotton, TYDL products are some of the comfiest garments on the planet. No rubbing, chafing or marks left after a lengthy workout. You will feel fresh and 'silk-kissed' even after a heavy session.03


    • S-XL Mens
    • 6-14 Womens
    • Box Dimensions 10.5 x 2.4 x 2.4 in
    • Box Weight 200g
    • MaterialsBamboo Blend
    • Colours TYDL blue


    What a great company! I love everything about TYDL so far and can't wait until there's more to buy soon. 

    HannahPhysiotherapist, London

    This has to be the comfiest gym top I've ever worn. 

    JamesDigital Marketing, Tunbridge Wells

    Amazing sports bra. Gave me great support on my 10K, with no rubbing. 

    GabrielleAccount Director, London

    I must admit, I didn't believe bamboo would keep my top smelling fresh even after a workout. 9 sessions, and 9 washes later, it still looks, feels and smells like new. Bloody good job guys.

    AlexPersonal Trainer, Cheltenham

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