TYDL is a UK-based sustainable sportswear company, that's trying to save our oceans.

TYDL, pronounced: (/ti-dal), was started after a visit to Bali, Indonesia in 2018 by gym-buddies and close friends Will & Michael. The trip highlighted the worldwide waste problem we face with beaches littered with plastic washed up by the tide.  

The duo felt that not enough was being done about ocean waste and wanted to find a way of combining their love for fitness and wellbeing, with their passion about the environment. This is how TYDL was born.

The mission is simple - to produce sustainable, superior quality sportswear that not only make the production element of the supply chain cleaner and better for our world, but to use a portion of the profits to help clean the oceans as well. 

We aim to be eco-friendly at both the front and back end of the fitness industry. 

We are young, hungry and determined. We also know we won;t get this perfect first time around. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will & Michael