Bamboo Sportswear

  • One of the softest natural fabrics in the world

  • Breathable, lightweight and ultra-durable

  • Thermo-regulating and great for sensitive skin

Natural Bamboo Fibres;

up to 95% Blend

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Based in Sussex

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Taking just a bit more plastic out...

Sportswear across the glove is almost entirely made using synthetic, plastic based fibres. We want to change that!

Every time you wash your clothes after a workout, tiny 'micro plastics' are released into the water system. These plastics build up in rivers and oceans over time, and cause destruction beyond imagination. We are on a mission to help introduce more natural fibres into sportswear, so we aren't so reliant on synthetics. 

We chose bamboo as it's extremely durable, fast growing, uses 3x less water to grow compared to cotton, requires no pesticides, and, makes one of the softest fabrics in the world.

We donate 10% of our profits to projects all over the world to help combat plastic pollution and environmental destruction. 

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95% Bamboo

Men's Fitted Bamboo Gym T-Shirt | TYDL

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Women's Eco Bamboo Sports Bra | TYDL-Sports Bra-TYDLfitness-TYDLfitness

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