Mens Size Chart

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Men's Tops

 UK Size Chest  Length 
S 37 inch / 94cm 25 inch / 64 cm
M 39 inch / 98 cm 26 inch / 66 cm
L 40 inch / 102 cm 27 inch / 68 cm
XL 42 inch / 106 cm 28 inch / 70 cm

How to measure

Note: For most accurate sizing measurements, have someone else help.

Chest - Wrap a measuring tape around your chest. Position it so that the tape is horizontal to the ground, and falls just under your arm pit. Bring it around your back so that the ends come together in front. Whatever the result, round up to the nearest inch or centimetre. 

Length - Hold a measuring tape at the base of your neck and let it hang freely. The length is the distance between the base of your neck to what should be just below your waistline.